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Karnataka Contract for further road improvements begins

July 2015

Roughton began its role as construction supervision consultant for Karnataka State Highways Improvement Project II, during the last week of July, in association with local firm Satra.

The project as part of the Stage-I of the KSHIP-II will bring 264km of State Highways up to 2 lane standard with 7m Carriageway plus 1.5m paved/soft shoulders, over a period of just under 45 months including DLP period of 12 months. This forms part of Karnataka State Highways Improvement Project II (KSHIP-II) to improve another 3,411km of State Highways and Major District Roads (MDRs), following the successful completion of improvements to  2,414km of State Highways and MDRs under KSHIP-I, financed by the World Bank.

The current project consists of three contracts which will procured through ICB on EPC Mode. 

Roughton has been providing valuable consultancy services to various organisations within the Government of India and other state government owned agencies with engineering consultancy services since 1997. This construction supervision project includes contract administration, design review, approval of traffic management and safety
planning, environmental management, rehabilitation and resettlement issues and the provision of training and workshops on enviro-socio issues.





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