nROMAPS - a complete asset management system

nROMAPS is a road asset management system that improves the efficiency of road maintenance planning within institutional frameworks, and consists of a series of interconnected modules that can be implemented at various levels of complexity.

The system reduces the need for extensive institutional resource whilst making optimal use of modern technology for the operation and maintenance of road networks. The system is adaptable to national maintenance policies and regulations, and standardises maintenance practice countrywide.

nROMAPS provides a tool for budgeting, planning and management of emergency, routine, periodic and preventative maintenance.


building blocks

Also provided is a complete pavement management system and the ability to export data to HDM 4, in order to implement economic evaluations.

nROMAPS manages detailed inventory and condition data and can also operate using data at Information Quality Level (IQL)4. IQL 4 data is based on visual assessment and is particularly suitable where rapid data collection is required, enabling district staff to carry out the data collection with basic training and minimal resources.

It can be used either as the principal national maintenance management system, or as a regional or district maintenance management system.




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