Environmental management


Roughton is committed to incorporating environmental considerations into all its working practices and will strive to align both internal processes and external project activities to the guidelines, codes and standards expected in the countries we work in. 

We undertake commissions encompassing design of numerous aspects of the built and natural environments. We are therefore both a stakeholder and a caretaker of the environment and we have a respect for local and global issues.  


We aim to conduct our business (office based and on-site) within a framework that is both compliant with all current legislation and also exceeds current targets in respect of the following, where reasonably practicable:

  • minimise the consumption of energy through alternative energy systems and enhanced envelope design
  • reduce the demand for water, energy and raw materials through the use of recycling where possible
  • consult with the local community and stakeholders during the preparation of the design
  • positively consider the use of locally available, sustainable, and natural building materials
  • avoid products associated with the destruction of tropical rainforests or threatened animal species
  • whole life costing of components and materials
  • prevent the emission of pollutants and all harmful ozone layer depleting chemicals
  • minimise waste in construction through increased use of prefabricated components
  • avoid unnecessary travel


Project directors are responsible for ensuring compliance with environmental management standards in the countries within which they operate and with the standards their Clients require. 

This policy has been endorsed by, and has the full support of the Board of Directors.

Overall responsibility for the effectiveness of the policy lies with the Group Board director responsible for Operations.