Quality management


Roughton is committed to providing consultancy services in accordance with the highest professional standards to fully meet the requirements of our Clients. Services are provided in a cost-effective and timely manner and comply with all applicable regulatory requirements. We operate a quality system capturing best practice and lessons learned and continue to deliver Projects on time and to budget.


We aim to continually improve all management systems to enhance the level of Client satisfaction and to encourage best practice sharing, company-wide to enable:
• Assurance that every project is delivered in accordance with all applicable regulatory requirements, wherever the project is located.
• Staff awareness of the standards required.


A quality system director has been appointed by the Board to oversee the administration of the quality system and this director has the authority to plan and implement the requirements of the International Standard. The director has appointed a quality manager who has the defined authority and responsibility for ensuring that the requirements of the International Standard are implemented and maintained.

The quality manager is responsible for a comprehensive system of planned and documented internal quality audits to determine the effectiveness of the system and ensure that timely corrective action is taken if non-compliance with the system occurs.

Procedures for the controlled distribution of the quality system manual and subsequent amendments to the contents are in place. All members of staff have access to the manual and must make themselves fully aware of the contents and requirements of the quality system relevant to their responsibilities.

Adherence to the quality system procedures is mandatory for all staff and ensures that all requirements of the International Standard are incorporated into each project in a planned, consistent and economical manner. Alternative procedures meeting the requirements of the International Standard will be complied with when a Client requires it.
This policy has been endorsed by, and has the full support of the Board of Directors.

Overall responsibility for the effectiveness of the policy lies with the Group Board director responsible for Operations.