The team

"Roughton is built upon the expertise, dedication and shared values of its employees. We all have aspirations and ambitions and it is upon these foundations that we are able to innovate and grow"

The Team

Stephen Kimmett, Chief Executive Officer, Roughton Group

In December 2017 Stephen agreed to fill the role of Chief Executive Officer. As a Board Director for Roughton Group and Roughton International Ltd, Stephen was employed as the company's first full-time Finance Director. He joined Roughton in 2012, bringing over 30 years of industry experience with him.


Stephen Kimmett

Simon Gillett, Director

Simon is a Director of Roughton International Ltd, with regional responsibility for Africa. This includes project management and business development in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho and Malawi.

Simon Gillett

Edin Begovic, Chief Executive Officer, Roughton International Limited

Based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and UK  Edin has successfully grown the business in Eastern Europe since he originally joined as Regional Representative in 2006. He has a background in structural engineering and came to Roughton with several years of international experience, including five years running a small family engineering consultancy in Montenegro.

Edin Begovic