Job Vacancy

What have you engineered lately?

A road, a bridge, a railway, a building? 

At Roughton, we have engineered;

  • safer railway journeys,
  • routes to self-sufficiency for remote farmers,
  • year-round access to schools and hospitals,
  • connectivity between small businesses and their market-places, and
  • a legacy of technical knowledge transfer.

We work across geographies you may not have heard of and deliver projects for progressive clients, striving to build the infrastructure required to modernise their regions.

We don’t just train our staff, we train our clients and the local communities to build and then safeguard their infrastructure assets.

We would like to help you engineer your career-path too. If you’ve got technical talent, a passion for progression, and want to widen your perspective – we’d love to hear from you. We are always seeking new additions to our innovative and experienced teams – whatever stage you think you have reached in your career – send us your CV.

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