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Transport masterplan, Swaziland

Client: Government of Swaziland

Executed in 2012/2013 the masterplan is to guide policy-making, investment, regulation and institutional strengthening in the transport sector over the next 20 years. Road, rail and air sub-sectors were covered, both within Swaziland and across major transport links with neighbouring countries.

Roughton prepared/undertook the following in their masterplanning capacity:

  • Review the national transport policy at sector and sub-sector levels, progress made in implementation, and its relevance to current and future needs
  • Review organisational and institutional arrangements
  • Assess the transport sector performance over the past 5-10 years
  • Conduct traffic study and forecasts of traffic growth over the next 20 years under different scenarios
  • Review the current project selection and prioritisation procedures
  • Prepare a phased investment programme in each sub-sector including actions to improve transport integration
  • Recommend an organisational and institutional development plan
  • Recommend a transport policy implementation plan


Main road junction
Swaziland road bridge