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Vanuatu inter-island shipping support project

Client: Government of Vanuatu, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

The project is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of inter-island shipping services through provision of infrastructure investments in the capital of Port Vila and six outer islands. This includes the construction of four new outer island wharves and jetties and repairs to three existing structures. Also, shipping support and coordination schemes to catalyze the provision of services to remote non-commercial destinations.

Roughton is currently providing the following:

  • Detailed engineering designs, engineering drawings and technical specifications for all wharves and jetties
  • Tender documentation and tender evaluation reports for all proposed contract packages
  • Supervision of all civil works and Shipping Support Scheme (SSS) contracts
  • Project reports
  • Detailed project performance monitoring system (including detailed indicators)
  • Environmental management plans
  • Public communications plan
  • SSS operation guidelines, procedures and regulations
  • A procurement manual/guide for works, goods and services
  • SSS quarterly reports



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