axle load studies

The objective of an axle-load study is to independently determine the enforcement and effectiveness of existing measures to control axle load limits, and to make recommendations on ways that improvements can be made.

Often as part of a wider road management programme, Roughton offers a comprehensive consultancy service covering the following:

  • Axle loads and pavement deterioration
  • Road safety
  • Regulatory control
  • Weighbridge maintenance
  • Enforcement of axle load limits
  • Assessment of present situation
  • Training
  • The way forward and skills transfer programme
  • Improvements in Country
axle load 2
axle load 1

Typically, studies are conducted to cover the following areas:

  • Review of available data and information, including previous studies
  • Vehicle overloading characteristics
  • Background to axle load management and control
  • Recommended vehicle loading and characteristics
  • Existence of axle load and vehicle weighing equipment in country
  • Proposed axle load control stations
  • Identifying the major transportation routes
  • Overloading control implementation method
  • Axle load apparatus, vehicles and equipment details
  • Apprehension and control procedures