bridge and highway structure condition surveys

Roughton has extensive expertise in highway structure and bridge condition surveys, including:

  • Bridge locations within the road network
  • Routine condition inspections
  • Detailed structural inspections
  • Bridge capacity

Many of our bridge and structure condition survey commissions utilise our in house Road Asset Management System - nROMAPS. This is a module based system that can be implemented at various levels of complexity, including a Bridge Management System (BMS).

Main road bridge in Lesotho
Sumbawamba Bridge, Tanzania

The BMS module provides a tool to manage the following:

  • Compilation of a bridge and culvert database
  • Entry of principal and general inspection data for each bridge and culvert
  • Prioritisation of bridges and culverts according to condition
  • Prediction of future deterioration and budget requirements
  • Record of all maintenance work carried out on structures including contractor details, quantities and costs

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