building services for rail

Roughton has decades of experience in the rail sector. Our expertise falls into the broad categories of buildings, and civil and structural engineering.

In the development of rail projects there is a natural tendency to focus on the operation of the railway itself, but the buildings associated with a rail project can have a dramatic impact on the engineering complexity and cost.

Building Services

The range of building requirements on a rail project can vary significantly from the provision of small modular buildings for track-side services such as substations to complex multimodal station facilities and bridges.


BS for rail 2 rfs
BS for rail 1 rfs

New projects often require control centre buildings, depot buildings and office buildings for administration purposes.

Our building services expertise covers the following areas:

  • Engineering design
  • Electrical consultancy
  • Combined heat and power
  • Lifts and security systems
  • Energy audits
  • Phones and data networks
  • Emergency manuals
  • Water treatment
  • Engineering maintenance


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