community participation

We provide qualified and committed individuals who have substantial experience in community participation in a wide variety of projects in developing countries worldwide.

The key principle behind the concept of sustainable growth and development is the involvement of the people affected by decisions about the environment in which they live. Since these people already have an extensive understanding of their environment, their knowledge and participation is vital for the sustainability of any intervention.

The main objective of community participation is to give a level of responsibility to the community. It will also ensure that the services or technologies provided are adequate and appropriate.

Community participation is more than just consultation of the people that may be affected by an intervention. Rather it is an active involvement of the community in the decision making, control and coordination stages of a project leading to the community taking ownership of a project and taking responsibility for its ongoing maintenance.


Community meeting in Laos
Ekiti Community involvement

Community participation should give people the opportunity to provide their input in various forms. Participation techniques include:

  • written surveys
  • interviews
  • stakeholder analysis
  • participatory rural appraisals
  • group discussions

It is important to ensure that all parts of the affected population are adequately represented in any participatory process to avoid confusion, resentment and ultimately, rejection of a proposed development.

Community participation is a principle, which Roughton strongly advocates and deems essential for the successful delivery of sustainable development projects.


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