design and build

Typically Roughton provides three essential components for design and build projects:

  • The preliminary design
  • The budget estimate
  • The Employer’s contractual requirements

Roughton provides the client with all the above documents and data to ensure that the client’s needs are fully addressed in order to capitalise on the advantages that design and build offers.

Design and build is a process in which the owner contracts with a single entity to provide both design and construction services. This design and build entity may be a single firm, a group of experts, or a joint venture which typically would include an engineer and a contractor.

Due to the benefits of design and build, many clients are bypassing the traditional contractual arrangements and turning to this approach.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Provides both quality design and construction services under a single contract
  • Accelerates the implementation of the project 
  • It involves only one tender process
  • Allocation and management of risk is clear
  • Provides certainty of price across the entire project

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