economic feasibility for transport

Ensuring the economic viability of transport schemes requiring significant capital investment, is a vital element in the development cycle.  The studies required by funding agencies, infrastructure owners and private investors are wide-ranging .  Ensuring consistency, realism and objectivity are key to the process.

Our experience across a diversity of transportation systems, environments, geographies and regulatory systems makes us uniquely positioned to provide this assistance to investors.

The preliminary stage in appraising investment in transport infrastructure is to gain a thorough understanding of overall transport planning policy and its impact on the movement of people and goods nationwide, including:

  • Planned economic growth
  • Population growth


  • Government transport policy
  • Land use planningIndustrial and mining development plans
  • Status of existing transport modes and associated infrastructure
  • Multi-modal facilities
  • Engineering practicality
  • Economic impacts

Wherever possible we employ standardised procedures for appraising projects. Our transport economists are familiar with these and other economic appraisal tools, and routinely apply them in many different situations.

Our economists are fully familiar with the demands and requirements of the standard appraisal methodologies and frameworks employed by many of the international funding and bilateral aid agencies.