highway engineering

Since the 1970s Roughton has been providing highway engineering services to clients in over 80 countries. 

Our team of highway engineers work in close collaboration with our geotechnical engineers, structural engineers, pavement engineers, project managers, technicians, environmental and economics experts to ensure that clients are offered the most appropriate solutions.

From rural access road networks to major commercial arteries and expressways, inclusive of tunnels, viaducts, bridges and culverts, we have an enviable breadth of expertise.

Services provided include:

  • Feasibility study
  • Preliminary and detailed design
  • Geometric alignment
  • Pavement materials testing
  • Road safety audit
  • Drainage design
  • Construction supervision
  • Design review


6-lane highway in India
Highway in Kazakhstan

We provide specialist technical assistance at all stages of the project cycle and are aware of the specific requirements for each of the following key areas in project development:

  • financing advice including investment and cost recovery
  • public private partnership
  • economic modelling (HDM and others) for feasibility study analysis
  • economic, engineering and social criteria for project prioritisation
  • appropriate design methodologies including cost effectiveness, safety, quality management, and technology transfer
  • selection of domestic or international contractors including appropriate documentation, quality assurance and technology assistance
  • resource based maintenance management designed to prevailing institutional conditions
  • capacity building and management of institutional change


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For more information about highway engineering email us: info@roughton.com