highway engineering in mountainous terrain

Mountain roads are typically associated with difficult ground access, numerous slope instability problems and shortages of good construction material. These conditions require carefully designed off-site drainage, erosion protection measures and identification of the best locally available materials.

As a result, design and construction of roads in this terrain requires special expertise in relation to:

  • geological and geotechnical factors
  • route alignment
  • geometric design
  • design of slope protection and stabilisation measures

Geotechnical considerations typically have a great influence on highway engineering in mountainous terrain since they can significantly affect the cost of constructing and maintaining roads in this difficult environment.

Mountainous 1 rfs
Mountainous terrain 2 rfs

Roughton has expertise in a wide range of countries with various climatic and geological characteristics including; Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Uganda, Papua New Guinea and Lesotho.

We offer specialist engineering services throughout the following phases of project development:

  • Desk study and feasibility assessment
  • Reconnaissance and alignment studies
  • Field investigations and detailed design
  • Construction supervision
  • Post construction and maintenance

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