labour based road construction

The use of labour based methods for road construction is now widely practised in many developing countries. We fully support the use of such methods, where appropriate, and there are numerous benefits where these methods have been applied successfully, some of which are:

  • Provide temporary employment for a large number of unskilled labour
  • Savings in costs
  • Transfer of new skills
  • Alleviation of poverty

We offer advice to clients as to the most appropriate approach to labour based construction, based on an evaluation of three key factors:

  • Physical
  • Economic
  • Human
labour based 3 rfs
labour based rc 1 rfs

In urban areas we believe that the best opportunities for maximising employment are more favourable when considering the off-carriageway elements. These include:

  • stormwater drainage channels
  • channel linings
  • culverts
  • small bridges
  • hardstandings
  • crash barriers
  • environmental works


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