legal and regulatory reform

We have a track record of leading and delivering PPP advisory services with widely differing degrees of complexity.

Roughton’s approach to legal and regulatory reform rests on the following pillars:

  • Creating enabling legal frameworks
  • Utilizing comparative research and international best practice
  • Developing home-grown models
  • Promoting stakeholder involvement
  • Undertaking capacity building

Roughton’s approach is to promote comprehensive, enabling reform that fully supports the spectrum of policy goals pursued by government.

Verification of international approaches to identify mechanisms, instruments and procedures used in other countries is undertaken.

We ensure that our legal and regulatory reform model is sensitive to domestic requirements through close client liaison and stakeholder involvement.

Roughton ensures a broad-based understanding of the proposed reforms within relevant government departments to facilitate speedy approval and adoption processes.

Where there is an absence of capacity to give effect to key legislative measures, our approach includes continuous training of key officials to build capacity to support actual implementation.

Our success lies in our ability to innovate continuously across the full range of PPP consultancy activities.


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