performance based management

Performance based management and maintenance contracts (PBCs) provide an interesting option for national road authorities and agencies seeking to improve their road networks through an approach that focuses on outcomes of the work (benefits to the road users), rather than on inputs (works and materials). This is achieved by the Client handing the operational control of (part of) its road network to a Contractor, or Concessionaire for a fixed term.

PBCs require an understanding of certain criteria:

  • Risks
  • Residual asset value
  • Legal authority
  • Key performance indicators
Nicaragua PBC rfs
Tonga PBC 2 rfs

Roughton has extensive experience in providing the following services to Clients, in order that they fully understand the implications and can manage such contracts:

  • Development of contract strategies for procurement of output and performance based road maintenance contracts
  • Supervision of works under PBC contracts to ensure the Client's assets are not diminished by the use of low cost materials
  • Legislative framework and client capacity building to ensure the Concessionaire has the authority to meet obligations such as; undertaking emergency repairs, adhering to road safety standards
  • Training of consultants and contractors in the concepts of PBC
  • Development of indicators and quality standards
  • Quantification of, understanding and spreading the risks