project management of rail projects

Roughton has an excellent understanding of all aspects of railway operations and railway construction, whether new build, enhancement or renewal and can offer a complete service for the project management of railway projects.

The scope and complexity of rail projects is enormous. Projects can range from small single discipline projects such as a short section of track renewal to the most complex multi-disciplinary mass transit projects which involve the turnkey delivery of an operating railway.

There are two features that make the management of railway projects stand out from other projects:

  • Systems interfacing
  • Safety

We offer a total project management service which ensures that the project is completed on time, within budget and to defined quality standards.

Nigerian railway rehabilitation
Track drainage for LUL

Integrated disciplines

An operating railway is a result of integrated disciplines. At the highest level of simplicity, a rail project can be broken down into three basic disciplines. Our project managers are skilled in managing the many facets involved:

  • Civil and Building Infrastructure – embankments, cuttings, drainage, tunnels, under-bridges, over-bridges, viaducts, station buildings, road access, building services, depot buildings, control rooms
  • Fixed systems – track, power supply, current collection, signalling, telecommunications, SCADA, ticketing and fare collection, passenger information systems, platform screen doors, depot and maintenance equipment, loading facilities, level crossings
  • Rolling stock – extensive range of specifications to suit mass transit, light rail, commuter, intercity and freight systems