public water utilities

Roughton has developed a capability in assisting Water Utility owners and operators in effective and efficient operation of public systems, including legislation guidance, planning policies, tarriff development and revenue generation and systems maintenance:


Public utility authorities require legal power to administer the utility infrastructure and maintain service provision. These powers include:

  • control water abstraction
  • impose user restrictions in emergencies
  • regulate industrial and commercial water usage
  • minimum standards of water quality
  • regulate connections to a public water supply
  • regulate connections to a public sewerage system
  • regulate industrial discharges to a public sewerage system
water treatment rfs
public water utilities rfs

Planning, monitoring and analysis

  • to ensure service levels are maintained
  • to identify future demand and requirements
  • to prepare for any financial, legal, or technical constraints
  • to undertake regular inspections to monitor condition

Tariff Development and Revenue Generation

  • tariff studies
  • taxation policy reviews
  • revenue scope studies
  • review of revenue billing and collection procedures

Systems Maintenance

Procedures are required to deal with routine maintenance and emergencies such as:

  • contamination of water supplies
  • working in live sewers or sewage treatment works


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