road maintenance

Roughton specialises in all areas of institutional development and has a particular depth of experience in setting up Maintenance Management Systems and Pavement Management Systems together with the associated staff development and training.

Our road maintenance approach rests on three principles:

  • Sound fiscal management and budgetary control
  • Efficient and effective use of maintenance planning systems
  • Field monitoring, assessment and reporting procedures that ensure that planned works are properly executed and budgets are properly acquitted

nROMAPS, our in-house maintenance planning system consists of integrated maintenance and pavement management procedures.

nROMAPS asset management system
road maint 2 rfs

Maintenance is normally the responsibility of a department which must conform to government regulations and operational arrangements. Our maintenance methodology builds on existing arrangements and is customised to integrate with the procedures in place, ensuring:

  • Technical procedures can be implemented using existing staff and facilities
  • New administrative procedures can be implemented in compliance with prevailing government regulations
  • Deficiencies of any type - including skills, equipment, funding or administrative restraints - are highlighted but tolerated by the system.