road safety

Since the 1980s, Roughton has provided road safety solutions to national governments and funding agencies around the world. As part of national road safety studies, urban development projects, road safety awareness programmes and road upgrading and rehabilitation projects, we have gathered extensive road safety expertise in the following:

  • Road Safety Education, including;
    • Driver Training and Testing
    • Institutional strengthening within wider road maintenance management system integration
  • Public awareness campaigns, including;
    • Planning and timing a campaign
    • Mass media publicity
  • Problem area identification, taking into account various types of data, such as:
    • Crash and casualty data
    • Observation
    • Attitude testing
    • Knowledge testing
typical road accident
traffic cones

Our breadth of experience incorporates all terrains and road types, from rural access routes in Africa and expressways in India, through to roads in the mountainous areas of Caucasus and South America and remote Pacific island road transport networks. All aspects of road safety are undertaken, including:

  • Evaluation
  • Public transport safety
  • Traffic safety economics
  • Institutional responsibility of road safety
  • Financing road safety
  • Designing roads to improve road safety
  • Road safety reviews, audits and analysis
  • Traffic law and enforcement
  • Vehicle safety standards
  • Overloading of heavy goods vehicles
  • Emergency medical services
  • Road safety research