sewage treatment

Roughton ensures that appropriate sewage treatment design and construction solutions are provided in accordance with the project environs and the locally available resources. The objective is always to ensure safe water quality levels.

When considering options, our specialists ensure designs are simple and operational requirements minimal. Options and considerations include:

  • Settlement - A reduction in suspended solids is required prior to biological treatment.
  • Biological Treatment - Achieved by the activity of micro-organisms oxidising the sewage. For relatively small communities treatment in reed beds is a very efficient and environmentally friendly treatment process.
  • Sludge Disposal - By reducing the high moisture content of raw sludge, handling and disposal is made more economic.
Reed bed
sewage ttmt 2
  • Today sludge is considered as a resource enabling the generation of power and the production of fertiliser.
  • Stabilisation Ponds - In hot climates the technology of symbiotic action of algae and bacteria used in waste stabilisation ponds might be chosen.
  • Package Plants - Pre-fabricated sewage treatment plants are generally used to serve small communities but some of the technology can be used in large plants.


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