transport planning

Roughton has an excellent capability in the preliminary planning of integrated transport schemes and their detailed evaluation and offers a multifaceted approach that takes into account:

  • Land use planning
  • Traffic capacity at road junctions
  • Linking air and sea transport with rail and vehicle services
  • Park-and-Ride facilities, cycle paths and pedestrianisation
  • Public transport capabilities including; rail, light rail, tram and bus
  • Engineering practicality
  • Economic solutions
  • Environmental issues arising out of urbanisation and traffic growth

We are often confronted with a range of transport related problems including congestion, pollution and road safety.

Trans planning 1rfs
Trans planning 2 rfs

We provide experts to suit the requirements of each project, covering economic and physical performance of transport systems as well as the demand for, and impacts of transport development.

The services we provide include:

  • Appraisal and evaluation of investment decisions with regard to roads and mass transit systems
  • Studies of the operational efficiency of current traffic systems, including freight and public transport
  • Field surveys to provide statistical support for predicting vehicle ownership, traffic growth and forecasting future trends
  • Risk assessments and technical audits
  • Traffic engineering


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