water demand

Our engineers are fully experienced in determining both the current and future demands for water which reflect the socio-cultural and socio-economic profiles of the local community or city.

All water demands are assessed including domestic, industrial, commercial, agricultural and public services requirements. We are experts in determining the ‘effective demand’ which is an important critical step in the economic analysis of water supply projects. The demand analysis we implement enables:

  • Determination of the service level(s) to be provided
  • Determination of the size and timing of investments
  • Estimation of the financial and economic benefits of the project
  • Assessment of the ability and willingness to pay of the project beneficiaries

Because the demand for water varies throughout the day, we assess the maximum demand and design the hydraulic capacity of the distribution system to meet this demand.

Clean water pipe
Locals gathering at water tower

Service Reservoirs

We carry out hydraulic capacity and demand analysis to determine the requirement and capacity of reservoirs in the Water Supply Zone for Water Utilities or Corporations.

Fire Fighting

In urban areas it is usual to provide fire-fighting facilities in compliance with the requirements of the local municipality. These factors can dictate the size of the local network and are considered in any demand forecast carried out by our team of experts.


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