water supply

Roughton's water supply expertise can be illustrated by projects stretching back to the 1970s. Our clients range from government ministries and national development programmes to investment funds and private property developers.

Our consultancy services broadly fall under the following headings:

  • Water demand assessment and analysis:
    • Including; domestic, industrial, commercial, agricultural and public services requirements
    • Determination of 'effective demand' for economic analysis of water supply projects
    •  Water resources:
      • Desk top studies
      • Site surveys
      • Design and renovation of water storage systems
      • Process design
      • Design of river and groundwater intake works
water supply 1 rfs
water supply 2 rfs
  • Water quality and treatment:
    • Desalination 
    • Reverse osmosis         
    • Refurbishment of existing water treatment plants         
    • Filtration         
    • Design and construction supervision of new plants         
    • Disinfection methods
  •  Pipeline - design and construction supervision:
    • Design and pre-construction services       
    • Transaction advisory services         
    • Construction supervision services