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Ekiti rural access programme, Nigeria

Client: Department for International Development

Scope: To provide technical assistance and management support to the project implementation unit

The objective of the Ekiti Rural Access Programme was to improve rural access in 6 local government areas in Ekiti State covering over 600km of rural roads. The programme was designed to do this through 5 complimentary and inter-related activities centering on:

Infrastructure - maintaining and rehabilitating the existing network

Institutional strengthening - installing sustainable institutional mechanisms and systems for routine road maintenance including appropriate organisational frameworks

Capacity building - mainstreaming project interventions at LGA and state levels and also developing community awareness and inculcation of a maintenance culture

Mobility - promoting increased ownership and/or use of alternative transport technologies

Planning - introducing systematic maintenance and rural access planning

Roughton provided technical assistance and management support including:

  • Works contract procurement
  • Works supervision
  • Financial management
Ekiti locals
Community meeting