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Framework for a sustainable road maintenance programme, Tonga

Client: Ministry of Transport

A new Ministry of Transport has been established in Tonga to provide policy and regulation to all transport sectors. The Ministry is operating but a major issue that still needs to be addressed is the establishment of appropriate institutional arrangements to develop a sustainable capacity for road maintenance.

Roughton was appointed by the new ministry to develop a framework for a sustainable road maintenance programme for Tonga. The following activities and deliverables were required:

  • A long-term strategy for road maintenance management and delivery, implementation plan
  • Analysis of the current institutional arrangements
  • A blueprint for future institutional arrangements for road asset and contract management
  • Recommendations for short term transitional arrangements
  • A sustainable funding mechanism for road maintenance
  • Scope out an appropriate and sustainable road asset management system
  • Assessment of the capacity and constraints facing domestic contractors to engage in future road maintenance programmes
  • Initial training/orientation of interested private sector firms and individuals