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Performance based maintenance contracts strategy, Nicaragua

Client: Road Maintenance Fund (FOMAV)

FOMAV was created in June 2000 in response to the urgent necessity for effective and efficient road maintenance of the highway network in Nacaragua. The fund was initially supported by IADB and WB funds and, sinec 2006, via implementation of a tax on fuel. In 2009 FOMAV wanted to develop new strategies, in both technical and administrative fields, to better respond to the maintenance demands on the road network, by optimising resources and quality of service.

Roughton was commissioned to establish the basis for implementation of maintenance contracts, based on 'levels of service' or 'results'.

The services included:

  • Determining the criteria and methodology for selection of suitable roads
  • Definition of technical standards
  • Changes and additions to the FOMAV manuals
  • Establishing terms of reference and model contracts for maintenance works and the supervision of these works
  • Establishing administrative procedures
  • Training of FOMAV staff, consultants and contractors in the concepts of performance based maintenance
  • Provision complete documentation for a pilot project
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