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Road maintenance contracts and pilot testing of Otta Seals, Tonga

Client: Ministry of Transport

This project is part of the 'Transport Sector Consolidation Project'. The object was to assist the Client in ameliorating the deterioration of the road network by preparing a two year road maintenance programme initiating the use of private sector based road maintenance contractors.

Roughton undertook the following:

  • Preparation of area wide road maintenance contract packages to cover the whole road network
  • Preparation of specifications for an agreed scope of maintenance works
  • Preparation of method and performance based specifications
  • Preparation of Bills of Quantities
  • Preparation of a routine maintenance manual
  • Training of contractors in the use of the maintenance manual
  • Preparation of performance standards for assessing the quality of routine maintenance works
  • Undertaking a training programme for contracts, MoT officials and local consultants on the use of Otta Seals
  • Development of a monitoring system for the performance of Otta Seals
Local Contractor checks road
Trainee checking road side