public private partnerships

Roughton provides consultancy services at all levels on Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiatives to governments, private investors and engineering procurement contractors.

We have established a leadership position in developing countries with the breadth and depth of experience generated within the company. Our PPP expertise includes rail, highways, aviation, port, water, health and education sectors. Services cover the following stages:

  • project inception
  • planning and strategic financing
  • design and construction
  • operations and maintenance

Roughton’s experts have PPP project experience in Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and the United Kingdom.

For private sector clients Roughton provides:

  • advice to bidders for PPP projects to be financed on a project finance basis
  • identification of debt and equity providers
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2nd Niger Bridge
  • assistance with the negotiation of debt and equity finance including loans from multilateral institutions and export credit organisations
  • assistance with negotiations with governments or the public sector to reach concession agreements and bring the project to financial close

For public sector clients Roughton provides the following:

  • review and analysis of a project’s financial and commercial feasibility and funding requirements
  • bid documentation and evaluation of commercial bids
  • advice on the raising of finance
  • participation in the negotiation of financial loan agreements and commercial contracts
  • monitoring and supervision of a project during the construction stage
  • developing the knowledge and capacity of client organisations on the implementation of PPP projects via training workshops