road funds and asset management

Roughton specialises in Road Agency formation and the financing of road agencies through the use of Road Funds. This expertise is founded on an appreciation of problems and options that readily allows us to develop unique solutions to individual nations needs, such as:

Better Asset Management

Road asset maintenance initiatives can raise awareness of the importance of road maintenance, usually highlighting the need for adequate maintenance funds, but they can do little to close the funding gaps. The funding gap problem is being approached through additional initiatives or strategies.

Road Agency Formation

Operational efficiency improvements are being achieved by removing road management from direct government control and making it the responsibility of Road Agencies that are granted varying degrees of commercial freedom.

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Road Funds

Road Funds are financed from a variety of sources, mostly driven by the ‘user pays’ principle. In this context, ‘Users’ include motorists, commercial operators and users of public road transport, and this method of financing is collectively referred to as Road User Charging.

Road User Charging strategies are usually based on specific taxes on road-use functions such as:

  • road tolling
  • fuel consumed
  • vehicle and operator licensing
  • the price of new vehicles

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