pavement engineering

Roughton has extensive experience in the overall design of pavements, for both rehabilitation and reconstruction.

We work in tropical and sub-tropical countries with climates ranging from very wet and humid, to desert conditions, and from flood plains to highlands with frost penetration problems.

In order to design remedial measures it is first necessary to test the existing pavement definitively. Pavements are tested for three reasons:

  • To determine their condition and residual life
  • To determine the causes of deterioration or failure
  • To obtain data for the design of remedial works
Pave Eng 2 rfs
Pave Eng 1 rfs

There are two types of pavement performance indicators that provide information about the condition of a pavement structure - functional and structural indicators.

Functional Indicators:

  • Riding Quality
  • Skid Resistance
  • Surface Drainage
  • Localised Pavement Failures (Potholes)

Structural Indicators:

  • Cracking
  • Pumping of Cracks
  • Rutting and Deformation
  • Structural Response