road studies and surveys

Roughton has extensive experience in undertaking the full range of surveys required to develop the benefit stream for a feasibility or project prioritisation study. We have extensive experience of:

  • Traffic volume, and traffic growth studies to determine vehicle operating costs/benefits
  • Traffic surveys to determine loading for structural design
  • Agricultural and industrial surveys to determine the traffic that will be generated by a project, the benefits of the project and economic growth that may be expected
  • Environmental and socio-economic surveys to determine and quantify direct and indirect benefits of a project and assess negative impact
transport for inaccessible areas
pavement condition survey

Physical road surveys tend to be on the critical path of the design process. Our substantial project experience enables us to prepare realistic programmes which include:

  • Optimising the use of local resources for topographic surveys and when appropriate using state-of-the-art technology for efficiency or speed (eg GPS satellite surveys)
  • Drainage surveys which utilise high technology mapping for catchment study and relevant software for run-off analysis
  • Full use of local resources for surveys of construction materials and subgrade soils
  • Full pavement evaluation surveys to assess the causes of pavement deterioration and allow appropriate redesign of the pavement